A&M International

The A&M International Program started in 2014 to train and develop students, coaches, and programs Internationally. Coming from the U.S. The A&M Academy presented polished teaching skills that all country’s could use to refine the coaches and players. Starting with the country of Haiti in 2014. A&M developed local basketball clubs in Haiti specifically Semi pro club teams. Teaching coaches and students the principles of coaching and developing mentally first and applying a genuine passionate approach to teaching the game of basketball. In 2021 A&M’s first International student Jackenson Edme coming from Haiti, received merit scholarship to play at Baruch College. Jackenson 2021 and 2022 won Back to Back CUNY championships and received student of the year awards for the Baruch Athletic Department. In 2022 A&M continued its passion for teaching internationally by partnering with Training by Timberlake and the Union Neuchatel Pro Club Team in Neuchatel, Switzerland.  Training and developing 100 of kids coming from the town of Geneva and Neuchatel, Switzerland. Be on the Lookout for 2023 as A&M will be in France, Israel, and Egypt.


Jackenson Edme, born in the Haitian capital of Port-au-prince immigrated to the U.S. at sixteen years old. 

Despite his inability to speak English, Jackenson flourished under the stewardship of the A&M Sports Academy, which provided a structured atmosphere for Jackenson to thrive. With his indisputable work ethic and passion, Jackenson maintained a G.P.A. of over 3.5 while learning the English language.

With a heavy heart, and his mind constantly burdened with the notion of his difficult native land and distant family, Jackenson overcame adversity, maintaining his academics and athletics. Within just two years of relocating to the U.S., Jackenson led the P.S.A.L. in rebounding and began mentoring children emigrating from Haiti to the U.S. 

Jackenson, the epitome of the five key pillars of the A&M Sports Academy,  graduated with top honors from Tilden High School and received a merit scholarship to play basketball for Baruch College. Consistent with his triumphant story, Jackenson became an ambassador of the “Clean Hands for Haiti” program and the lead of the A&M international program. Comparable to the emergence of a phoenix from ashes, Jackenson’s ability to rise above his disadvantaged Haitian background allows him to give back to his country and the Youth in Haiti. His stellar G.P.A. and love for the game of basketball are a testament to his resilience, and upon receiving a merit scholarship at Baruch College, he has since won consecutive CUNY championships in addition to being awarded Student-Athlete of the Year.